20 CFR § 618.715 - Applications for Trade Readjustment Allowances and payment.

(a) Timing of applications.

(1) An initial application for TRA must be filed after certification of the appropriate worker group has been made.

(2) An application for TRA must be filed within the time limit applicable to claims for regular compensation under the applicable State law.

(b) Applicable procedures. Applications must be filed in accordance with this subpart and on forms furnished to AAWs by the State. The State's procedures for filing applications for TRA, and for reporting, must be consistent with this part and the Department's “Standard for Claim Filing, Claimant Reporting, Job Finding, and Employment Services,” Employment Security Manual, part V, sections 5000 through 5004 (appendix A to this part), except that such procedures may allow for the filing and processing of applications by paper, telephone, the internet, or other similar methods as provided for in paragraph (e)(2) of this section.

(c) Treatment of determinations. Determinations on TRA applications are determinations to which §§ 618.820 (determinations of eligibility; notices to individuals), 618.824 (liable State and agent State responsibilities), and 618.828 (appeals and hearings) apply. Copies of such applications for TRA and all determinations by the State on such applications must be included in the AAW's case file.

(d) Payment of TRA.

(1) A State must not make any payment of TRA until a certification is issued and the State determines that the AAW is a member of a worker group covered under the specified certification.

(2) An AAW, if he or she otherwise meets the eligibility requirements of this subpart, including exhaustion of UI, may be entitled to TRA for any week of unemployment that begins on or after the date of the applicable certification.

(3) An AAW may receive only one form of TRA (Basic, Additional, or Completion) for any given week.

(e) Taking of applications.

(1) An initial application is required for TRA and a separate application is required for Completion TRA.

(2) Applications may be filed and processed by any means allowed for UI claims in the State.

(3) States must provide notice to the worker when a worker begins receipt of Additional TRA. That notice must include the eligibility requirements under which Additional TRA is payable.