20 CFR 641.630 - What pilot, demonstration, and evaluation project activities are allowable under § 502(e)?

§ 641.630 What pilot, demonstration, and evaluationproject activities are allowable under § 502(e)?

Allowable pilot, demonstration and evaluationprojects include:

(a) Activities linking businesses and eligible individuals, including activities providing assistance to participants transitioning from subsidized activities to private sector employment;

(b) Demonstration projects and pilot projects designed to:

(1) Attract more eligible individuals into the labor force;

(2) Improve the provision of services to eligible individuals under One-Stop delivery systems established under title I of WIA;

(3) Enhance the technological skills of eligible individuals; and

(4) Provide incentives to SCSEPgrantees for exemplary performance and incentives to businesses to promote their participation in the SCSEP;

(c) Demonstration projects and pilot projects, as described in paragraph (b) of this section, for workers who are older individuals (but targeted to eligible individuals) only if such demonstration projects and pilot projects are designed to assist in developing and implementing techniques and approaches in addressing the employment and training needs of eligible individuals;

(d) Provision of training and technical assistance to support a SCSEPproject;

(e) Dissemination of best practices relating to employment of eligible individuals; and

(f)Evaluation of SCSEP activities.

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