20 CFR § 654.417 - Fire, safety, and first aid.

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§ 654.417 Fire, safety, and first aid.

(a) All buildings in which people sleep or eat must be constructed and maintained in accordance with applicable State or local fire and safety laws.

(b) In family housing and housing units for less than 10 persons, of one story construction, two means of escape must be provided. One of the two required means of escape may be a readily accessible window with an openable space of not less than 24 × 24 inches.

(c) All sleeping quarters intended for use by 10 or more persons, central dining facilities, and common assembly rooms must have at least two doors remotely separated so as to provide alternate means of escape to the outside or to an interior hall.

(d) Sleeping quarters and common assembly rooms on the second story must have a stairway, and a permanent, affixed exterior ladder or a second stairway.

(e) Sleeping and common assembly rooms located above the second story must comply with the State and local fire and building codes relative to multiple story dwellings.

(f) Fire extinguishing equipment must be provided in a readily accessible place located not more than 100 feet from each housing unit. Such equipment must provide protection equal to a 2 1/2 gallon stored pressure or 5-gallon pump-type water extinguisher.

(g) First aid facilities must be provided and readily accessible for use at all time. Such facilities must be equivalent to the 16 unit first aid kit recommended by the American Red Cross, and provided in a ratio of 1 per 50 persons.

(h) No flammable or volatile liquids or materials must be stored in or adjacent to rooms used for living purposes, except for those needed for current household use.

(i) Agricultural pesticides and toxic chemicals may not be stored in the housing area.