20 CFR § 658.504 - Reinstatement of services.

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§ 658.504 Reinstatement of services.
Link to an amendment published at 89 FR 34067, Apr. 29, 2024.

(a) Services may be reinstated to an employer after discontinuation under § 658.503(a) and (b), if:

(1) The State is ordered to do so by a Federal ALJ Judge or Regional Administrator; or


(i) The employer provides adequate evidence that any policies, procedures or conditions responsible for the previous discontinuation of services have been corrected and that the same or similar circumstances are not likely to occur in the future; and

(ii) The employer provides adequate evidence that he/she has responded adequately to any findings of an enforcement agency, SWA, or ETA, including restitution to the complainant and the payment of any fines, which were the basis of the discontinuation of services.

(b) The SWA must notify the employer requesting reinstatement within 20 working days whether his/her request has been granted. If the State denies the request for reinstatement, the basis for the denial must be specified and the employer must be notified that he/she may request a hearing within 20 working days.

(c) If the employer makes a timely request for a hearing, the SWA must follow the procedures set forth at § 658.417.

(d) The SWA must reinstate services to an employer if ordered to do so by a State hearing official, Regional Administrator, or Federal ALJ as a result of a hearing offered pursuant to paragraph (c) of this section.