20 CFR § 658.605 - Communication of findings to State agencies.

§ 658.605 Communication of findings to State agencies.

(a) The Regional Administrator must inform SWAs in writing of the results of review and assessment activities and, as appropriate, must discuss with the State Administrator the impact or action required by the Department as a result of review and assessment activities.

(b) The ETA National Office must transmit the results of any review and assessment activities it conducted to the Regional Administrator who must send the information to the SWA.

(c) Whenever the review and assessment indicates a SWA violation of ES regulations or its State Plan, the Regional Administrator must follow the procedures set forth at subpart H of this part.

(d) Regional Administrators must follow-up any corrective action plan imposed on a SWA under subpart H of this part by further review and assessment of the State Workforce Agency pursuant to this subpart.