20 CFR § 658.708 - Hearings.

§ 658.708 Hearings.

(a) Upon receipt of a hearing file by the Chief Administrative Law Judge, the case must be docketed and notice sent by electronic mail, other means of electronic service, or registered mail, return receipt requested, to the Solicitor of Labor, Attention: Associate Solicitor for Employment and Training, the Administrator, the Regional Administrator and the State Administrator. The notice must set a time, place, and date for a hearing on the matter and must advise the parties that:

(1) They may be represented at the hearing;

(2) They may present oral and documentary evidence at the hearing;

(3) They may cross-examine opposing witnesses at the hearing; and

(4) They may request rescheduling of the hearing if the time, place, or date set are inconvenient.

(b) The Solicitor of Labor or the Solicitor's designee will represent the Department at the hearing.