20 CFR § 678.310 - What is an affiliated site and what must be provided there?

§ 678.310 What is an affiliated site and what must be provided there?

(a) An affiliated site, or affiliate one-stop center, is a site that makes available to job seeker and employer customers one or more of the one-stop partners' programs, services, and activities. An affiliated site does not need to provide access to every required one-stop partner program. The frequency of program staff's physical presence in the affiliated site will be determined at the local level. Affiliated sites are access points in addition to the comprehensive one-stop center(s) in each local area. If used by local areas as a part of the service delivery strategy, affiliate sites must be implemented in a manner that supplements and enhances customer access to services.

(b) As described in § 678.315, Wagner-Peyser Act employment services cannot be a stand-alone affiliated site.

(c) States, in conjunction with the Local WDBs, must examine lease agreements and property holdings throughout the one-stop delivery system in order to use property in an efficient and effective way. Where necessary and appropriate, States and Local WDBs must take expeditious steps to align lease expiration dates with efforts to consolidate one-stop operations into service points where Wagner-Peyser Act employment services are colocated as soon as reasonably possible. These steps must be included in the State Plan.

(d) All affiliated sites must be physically and programmatically accessible to individuals with disabilities, as described in 29 CFR part 38, the implementing regulations of WIOA sec. 188.