20 CFR § 679.310 - What is the Local Workforce Development Board?

§ 679.310 What is the Local Workforce Development Board?

(a) The Local WDB is appointed by the chief elected official(s) in each local area in accordance with State criteria established under WIOA sec. 107(b), and is certified by the Governor every 2 years, in accordance with WIOA sec. 107(c)(2).

(b) In partnership with the chief elected official(s), the Local WDB sets policy for the portion of the statewide workforce development system within the local area and consistent with State policies.

(c) The Local WDB and the chief elected official(s) may enter into an agreement that describes the respective roles and responsibilities of the parties.

(d) The Local WDB, in partnership with the chief elected official(s), develops the local plan and performs the functions described in WIOA sec. 107(d) and § 679.370.

(e) If a local area includes more than one unit of general local government in accordance with WIOA sec. 107(c)(1)(B), the chief elected officials of such units may execute an agreement to describe their responsibilities for carrying out the roles and responsibilities. If the chief elected officials are unable to reach agreement after a reasonable effort, the Governor may appoint the members of the Local WDB from individuals nominated or recommended as specified in WIOA sec. 107(b).

(f) If the State Plan indicates that the State will be treated as a local area under WIOA, the State WDB must carry out the roles of the Local WDB in accordance with WIOA sec. 107, except that the State is not required to meet and report on a set of local performance accountability measures.

(g) The CEO must establish by-laws, consistent with State policy for Local WDB membership, that at a minimum address:

(1) The nomination process used by the CEO to select the Local WDB chair and members;

(2) The term limitations and how the term appointments will be staggered to ensure only a portion of membership expire in a given year;

(3) The process to notify the CEO of a WDB member vacancy to ensure a prompt nominee;

(4) The proxy and alternative designee process that will be used when a WDB member is unable to attend a meeting and assigns a designee as per the requirements at § 679.110(d)(4);

(5) The use of technology, such as phone and Web-based meetings, that will be used to promote WDB member participation;

(6) The process to ensure WDB members actively participate in convening the workforce development system's stakeholders, brokering relationships with a diverse range of employers, and leveraging support for workforce development activities; and

(7) A description of any other conditions governing appointment or membership on the Local WDB as deemed appropriate by the CEO.