20 CFR § 680.300 - How are training services provided?

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§ 680.300 How are training services provided?

Training services for eligible individuals are typically provided by training providers who receive payment for their services through an ITA. The ITA is a payment agreement established on behalf of a participant with a training provider. WIOA title I adult and dislocated workers purchase training services from State eligible training providers they select in consultation with the career planner, which includes discussion of program quality and performance information on the available eligible training providers. Payments from ITAs may be made in a variety of ways, including the electronic transfer of funds through financial institutions, vouchers, or other appropriate methods. Payments also may be made incrementally, for example, through payment of a portion of the costs at different points in the training course. Under limited conditions, as provided in § 680.320 and WIOA sec. 134(d)(3)(G), a Local WDB may contract for these services, rather than using an ITA for this purpose. In some limited circumstances, the Local WDB may itself provide the training services, but only if it obtains a waiver from the Governor for this purpose, and the Local WDB meets the other requirements of § 679.410 of this chapter and WIOA sec. 107(g)(1).