20 CFR § 680.340 - What are the requirements for consumer choice?

§ 680.340 What are the requirements for consumer choice?

(a) Training services, whether under ITAs or under contract, must be provided in a manner that maximizes informed consumer choice in selecting an eligible provider.

(b) Each Local WDB, through the one-stop center, must make available to customers the State list of eligible training providers required in WIOA sec. 122(d). The list includes a description of the programs through which the providers may offer the training services, and the performance and cost information about those providers described in WIOA sec. 122(d). Additionally, the Local WDB must make available information identifying eligible providers as may be required by the Governor under WIOA sec. 122(h) (where applicable).

(c) An individual who has been determined eligible for training services under § 680.210 may select a provider described in paragraph (b) of this section after consultation with a career planner. Unless the program has exhausted training funds for the program year, the one-stop center must refer the individual to the selected provider, and establish an ITA for the individual to pay for training. For purposes of this paragraph (c), a referral may be carried out by providing a voucher or certificate to the individual to obtain the training.

(d) The cost of referral of an individual with an ITA to a training provider is paid by the applicable adult or dislocated worker program under title I of WIOA.

(e) Each Local WDB, through the one-stop center, may coordinate funding for ITAs with funding from other Federal, State, local, or private job training programs or sources to assist the individual in obtaining training services.

(f) Consistent with paragraph (a) of this section, priority consideration must be given to programs that lead to recognized postsecondary credentials (defined at WIOA sec. 3(52)) that are aligned with in-demand industry sectors or occupations in the local area.