20 CFR § 680.450 - What is the initial eligibility process for new providers and programs?

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§ 680.450 What is the initial eligibility process for new providers and programs?

(a) All providers and programs that have not previously been eligible to provide training services under WIOA sec. 122 or WIA sec. 122, except for registered apprenticeship programs, must submit required information to be considered for initial eligibility in accordance with the Governor's procedures.

(b) Apprenticeship programs registered under the National Apprenticeship Act are exempt from initial eligibility procedures. Registered apprenticeship programs must be included and maintained on the State list of eligible training providers and programs as long as the program remains registered, unless the registered apprenticeship program is removed from the list for a reason set forth in § 680.470. Procedures for registered apprenticeship programs to be included and maintained on the list are described in § 680.470.

(c) In establishing the State requirements described in paragraph (e) of this section, the Governor must, in consultation with the State WDB, develop a procedure for determining the eligibility of training providers and programs. This procedure, which must be described in the State Plan, must be developed after:

(1) Soliciting and taking into consideration recommendations from Local WDBs and providers of training services within the State;

(2) Providing an opportunity for interested members of the public, including representatives of business and labor organizations, to submit comments on the procedure; and

(3) Designating a specific time period for soliciting and considering the recommendations of Local WDBs and providers, and for providing an opportunity for public comment.

(d) For institutions of higher education that provide a program that leads to a recognized postsecondary credential and for other public or private providers of programs of training services, including joint labor-management organizations, and providers of adult education and literacy activities, the Governor must establish criteria and State requirements for providers and programs seeking initial eligibility.

(e) The Governor must require providers and programs seeking initial eligibility to provide verifiable program specific performance information. At a minimum, these criteria must require applicant providers to:

(1) Describe each program of training services to be offered;

(2) Provide information addressing a factor related to the indicators of performance, as described in WIOA secs. 116(b)(2)(A)(i)(I)-(IV) and § 680.460(g)(1) through (4) which include unsubsidized employment during the second quarter after exit, unsubsidized employment during the fourth quarter after exit, median earnings and credentials attainment;

(3) Describe whether the provider is in a partnership with a business;

(4) Provide other information the Governor may require in order to demonstrate high quality programs of training services, which may include information related to training services that lead to a recognized postsecondary credential; and

(5) Provide information that addresses alignment of the training services with in-demand industry sectors and occupations, to the extent possible.

(f) In establishing the initial eligibility procedures and criteria, the Governor may establish minimum performance standards, based on the performance information described in paragraph (e) of this section.

(g) Under WIOA sec. 122(b)(4)(B), eligible training providers receive initial eligibility for only 1 year for a particular program.

(h) After the initial eligibility expires, these initially eligible training providers are subject to the Governor's application procedures for continued eligibility, described at § 680.460, in order to remain eligible.