20 CFR § 681.520 - What are leadership development opportunities?

§ 681.520 What are leadership development opportunities?

Leadership development opportunities are opportunities that encourage responsibility, confidence, employability, self-determination, and other positive social behaviors such as:

(a) Exposure to postsecondary educational possibilities;

(b) Community and service learning projects;

(c) Peer-centered activities, including peer mentoring and tutoring;

(d) Organizational and team work training, including team leadership training;

(e) Training in decision-making, including determining priorities and problem solving;

(f) Citizenship training, including life skills training such as parenting and work behavior training;

(g) Civic engagement activities which promote the quality of life in a community; and

(h) Other leadership activities that place youth in a leadership role such as serving on youth leadership committees, such as a Standing Youth Committee.