20 CFR § 688.110 - What are the purposes of the YouthBuild program?

§ 688.110 What are the purposes of the YouthBuild program?

The overarching goal of the YouthBuild program is to provide disadvantaged and low-income youth the opportunity to obtain education and employment skills in local in-demand jobs to achieve economic self-sufficiency. Additionally, the YouthBuild program has as goals to:

(a) Enable disadvantaged youth to obtain the education and employment skills necessary to achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment in in-demand occupations and pursuit of postsecondary education and training opportunities;

(b) Provide disadvantaged youth with opportunities for meaningful work and service to their communities;

(c) Foster the development of employment and leadership skills and commitment to community development among youth in low-income communities;

(d) Expand the supply of permanent affordable housing for homeless individuals and families, homeless youth, and low-income families by utilizing the talents of disadvantaged youth. The program seeks to increase the number of affordable and transitional housing units available to decrease the rate of homelessness in communities with YouthBuild programs; and

(e) Improve the quality and energy efficiency of community and other non-profit and public facilities, including those that are used to serve homeless and low-income families.