20 CFR § 688.300 - Who is an eligible participant?

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§ 688.300 Who is an eligible participant?

(a) Eligibility criteria. Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, an individual is eligible to participate in a YouthBuild program if the individual is:

(1) Not less than age 16 and not more than age 24 on the date of enrollment;

(2) A school dropout or an individual who has dropped out of school and has subsequently reenrolled; and

(3) Is one or more of the following:

(i) A member of a low-income family;

(ii) A youth in foster care;

(iii) An offender;

(iv) A youth who is an individual with a disability;

(v) The child of a current or formerly incarcerated parent; or

(vi) A migrant youth.

(b) Exceptions. Not more than 25 percent of the participants in a program, under this section, may be individuals who do not meet the requirements of paragraph (a)(2) or (3) of this section, if such individuals:

(1) Are basic skills deficient, as defined in § 688.120, despite attainment of a secondary school diploma or its recognized State equivalent (including recognized certificates of attendance or similar documents for individuals with disabilities); or

(2) Have been referred by a local secondary school for participation in a YouthBuild program leading to the attainment of a secondary school diploma if such referral is to a YouthBuild program offering a secondary school diploma.