20 CFR § 725.461 - Waiver of right to appear and present evidence.

§ 725.461 Waiver of right to appear and present evidence.

(a) If all parties waive their right to appear before the administrative law judge, it shall not be necessary for the administrative law judge to give notice of, or conduct, an oral hearing. A waiver of the right to appear shall be made in writing and filed with the Chief Administrative Law Judge or the administrative law judge assigned to hear the case. Such waiver may be withdrawn by a party for good cause shown at any time prior to the mailing of the decision in the claim. Even though all of the parties have filed a waiver of the right to appear, the administrative law judge may, nevertheless, after giving notice of the time and place, conduct a hearing if he or she believes that the personal appearance and testimony of the party or parties would assist in ascertaining the facts in issue in the claim. Where a waiver has been filed by all parties, and they do not appear before the administrative law judge personally or by representative, the administrative law judge shall make a record of the relevant documentary evidence submitted in accordance with this part and any further written stipulations of the parties. Such documents and stipulations shall be considered the evidence of record in the case and the decision shall be based upon such evidence.

(b) Except as provided in § 725.456(a), the unexcused failure of any party to attend a hearing shall constitute a waiver of such party's right to present evidence at the hearing, and may result in a dismissal of the claim (see § 725.465).

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