20 CFR § 725.463 - Issues to be resolved at hearing; new issues.

§ 725.463 Issues to be resolved at hearing; new issues.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, the hearing shall be confined to those contested issues which have been identified by the district director (see § 725.421) or any other issue raised in writing before the district director.

(b) An administrative law judge may consider a new issue only if such issue was not reasonably ascertainable by the parties at the time the claim was before the district director. Such new issue may be raised upon application of any party, or upon an administrative law judge's own motion, with notice to all parties, at any time after a claim has been transmitted by the district director to the Office of Administrative Law Judges and prior to decision by an administrative law judge. If a new issue is raised, the administrative law judge may, in his or her discretion, either remand the case to the district director with instructions for further proceedings, hear and resolve the new issue, or refuse to consider such new issue.

(c) If a new issue is to be considered by the administrative law judge, a party may, upon request, be granted an appropriate continuance.

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