20 CFR § 726.108 - Withdrawal of negotiable securities.

§ 726.108 Withdrawal of negotiable securities.

No withdrawal of negotiable securities deposited by a self-insurer, shall be made except upon authorization by the Office. A self-insurer discontinuing business, or discontinuing operations within the purview of the Act, or providing security for the payment of benefits by commercial insurance under the provisions of the Act may apply to the Office for the withdrawal of securities deposited under the regulations in this part. With such application shall be filed a sworn statement setting forth:

(a) A list of all outstanding cases in which benefits are being paid, with the names of the miners and other beneficiaries, giving a statement of the amounts of benefits paid and the periods for which such benefits have been paid; and

(b) A similar list of all pending cases in which no benefits have as yet been paid. In such cases withdrawals may be authorized by the Office of such securities as in the opinion of the Office may not be necessary to provide adequate security for the payment of outstanding and potential liabilities of such self-insurer under the Act.