21 CFR § 1305.26 - Lost electronic orders.

§ 1305.26 Lost electronic orders.

(a) If a purchaser determines that an unfilled electronic order has been lost before or after receipt, the purchaser must provide, to the supplier, a signed statement containing the unique tracking number and date of the lost order and stating that the goods covered by the first order were not received through loss of that order.

(b) If the purchaser executes an order to replace the lost order, the purchaser must electronically link an electronic record of the second order and a copy of the statement with the record of the first order and retain them.

(c) If the supplier to whom the order was directed subsequently receives the first order, the supplier must indicate that it is “Not Accepted” and return it to the purchaser. The purchaser must link the returned order to the record of that order and the statement.