21 CFR 1309.34 - Acceptance for filing; defective applications.

§ 1309.34 Acceptance for filing; defective applications.

(a) Applications submitted for filing are dated upon receipt. If found to be complete, the application will be accepted for filing. Applications failing to comply with the requirements of this part will not generally be accepted for filing. In the case of minor defects as to completeness, the Administrator may accept the application for filing with a request to the applicant for additional information. A defective application will be returned to the applicant within 10 days of receipt with a statement of the reason for not accepting the application for filing. A defective application may be corrected and resubmitted for filing at any time.

(b) Accepting an application for filing does not preclude any subsequent request for additional information pursuant to § 1309.35 and has no bearing on whether the application will be granted.