21 CFR § 1401.5 - How to request records.

§ 1401.5 How to request records.

(a) Each request must reasonably describe the record(s) sought including the type of document, specific event or action, originator of the record, date or time period, subject matter, location, and all other pertinent data.

(b)Requests must be received by ONDCP through the mail or by electronic facsimile transmission. Mailed requests must be addressed to Executive Office of the President, Office of National Drug Control Policy, Office of Legal Counsel, Washington, DC 20503. The applicable fax number is (202) 395-5543.

(c) The words “FOIA REQUEST” or “REQUEST FOR RECORDS” must be clearly marked on the cover-letter, letter and envelope. The time limitations imposed by § 1401.7 will not begin until the Office of the General Counsel identifies a letter or fax as a FOIA request.