21 CFR § 20.104 - Summaries of oral discussions.

§ 20.104 Summaries of oral discussions.

(a) All written summaries of oral discussions, whether in person or by telephone, with members of the public, members of Congress, organization or company officials, or other persons, except members of the Executive Branch of the Federal government or special government employees, are available for public disclosure.

(b) Any such summary is available for public disclosure at the time that it is prepared by the Food and Drug Administration unless a different time for such disclosure is specified in other rules established or cross-referenced in this part, e.g., summaries of oral discussions relating to a food additive petition in § 171.1(h)(3) of this chapter.

(c) If more than one summary of an oral discussion exists in a Food and Drug Administration file, all such summaries shall be disclosed in response to any request for such summary.

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