21 CFR § 225.115 - Complaint files.

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§ 225.115 Complaint files.

(a) Complaints and reports of experiences of product defects relative to the drug's efficacy or safety may provide an indicator as to whether or not medicated feeds have been manufactured in conformity with current good manufacturing practices. These complaints and experiences may reveal the existence of manufacturing problems not otherwise detected through the normal quality control procedures. Timely and appropriate follow-up action can serve to correct a problem and minimize future problems.

(b) The medicated feed manufacturer shall maintain on the premises a file which contains the following information:

(1) The original or copy of a record of each oral and written complaint received relating to the safety and effectiveness of the product produced. The record shall include the date of the complaint, the complainant's name and address, name and lot or control number or date of manufacture of the medicated feed involved, and the specific details of the complaint. This record shall also include all correspondence from the complainant and/or memoranda of conversations with the complainant, and a description of all investigations made by the manufacturer and of the method of disposition of the complaint.

(2) For medicated feeds whose manufacture require a medicated feed mill license (Form FDA 3448), records and reports of clinical and other experience with the drug shall be maintained and reported, under § 510.301 of this chapter.

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