21 CFR § 225.30 - Equipment.

§ 225.30 Equipment.

(a) Equipment which is designed to perform its intended function and is properly installed and used is essential to the manufacture of medicated feeds. Such equipment permits production of feeds of uniform quality, facilitates cleaning, and minimizes spillage of drug components and finished product.


(1) All equipment shall possess the capability to produce a medicated feed of intended potency, safety, and purity.

(2) All equipment shall be maintained in a reasonably clean and orderly manner.

(3) All equipment, including scales and liquid metering devices, shall be of suitable size, design, construction, precision, and accuracy for its intended purpose.

(4) All scales and metering devices shall be tested for accuracy upon installation and at least once a year thereafter, or more frequently as may be necessary to insure their accuracy.

(5) All equipment shall be so constructed and maintained as to prevent lubricants and coolants from becoming unsafe additives in feed components or medicated feed.

(6) All equipment shall be designed, constructed, installed and maintained so as to facilitate inspection and use of cleanout procedure(s).

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