21 CFR § 507.17 - Plant and grounds.

§ 507.17 Plant and grounds.

(a) The grounds around an animal food plant under the control of the management of the establishment must be kept in a condition that will protect against the contamination of animal food. Maintenance of grounds must include:

(1) Properly storing equipment, removing litter and waste, and cutting weeds or grass within the immediate vicinity of the plant that may constitute an attractant, breeding place, or harborage for pests;

(2) Maintaining driveways, yards, and parking areas so that they do not constitute a source of contamination in areas where animal food is exposed;

(3) Adequately draining areas that may contribute to contamination of animal food; and

(4) Treating and disposing of waste so that it does not constitute a source of contamination in areas where animal food is exposed.

(b) The plant must be suitable in size, construction, and design to facilitate cleaning, maintenance, and pest control to reduce the potential for contamination of animal food, animal food-contact surfaces, and animal food-packaging materials, including that the plant must:

(1) Provide adequate space between equipment, walls, and stored materials to permit employees to perform their duties and to allow cleaning and maintenance of equipment;

(2) Be constructed in a manner such that drip or condensate from fixtures, ducts, and pipes does not serve as a source of contamination;

(3) Provide adequate ventilation (mechanical or natural) where necessary and appropriate to minimize vapors (e.g., steam) and fumes in areas where they may contaminate animal food and in a manner that minimizes the potential for contaminating animal food;

(4) Provide adequate lighting in hand-washing areas, toilet rooms, areas where animal food is received, manufactured, processed, packed, or held, and areas where equipment or utensils are cleaned; and

(5) Provide shatter-resistant light bulbs, fixtures, and skylights, or other glass items suspended over exposed animal food in any step of preparation, to protect against the contamination of animal food in case of glass breakage.

(c) The plant must protect animal food stored outdoors in bulk from contamination by any effective means, including:

(1) Using protective coverings where necessary and appropriate;

(2) Controlling areas over and around the bulk animal food to eliminate harborages for pests; and

(3) Checking on a regular basis for pests, pest infestation, and product condition related to safety of the animal food.