21 CFR § 573.750 - Pichia pastoris dried yeast.

§ 573.750 Pichia pastoris dried yeast.

(a) Identity. The food additive Pichia pastoris dried yeast may be used in feed formulations of broiler chickens as a source of protein not to exceed 10 percent by weight of the total formulation.

(b) Specifications. The additive shall conform to the following percent-by-weight specifications:

(1) Crude protein, not less than 60 percent.

(2) Crude fat, not less than 2 percent.

(3) Crude fiber, not more than 2 percent.

(4) Ash, not more than 13 percent.

(5) Moisture, not more than 6 percent.

(c) Use. To ensure safe use, the labeling of the additive and any feed additive supplement, concentrate, or premix prepared therefrom shall bear, in addition to other required information, the name of the additive, directions for use to provide not more than 10 percent by weight of the total ration, and the statement “Caution: Not to be used in layers or other poultry intended for breeding.”

[58 FR 59170, Nov. 8, 1993]