21 CFR § 610.62 - Proper name; package label; legible type.

§ 610.62 Proper name; package label; legible type.

(a) Position. The proper name of the product on the package label shall be placed above any trademark or trade name identifying the product and symmetrically arranged with respect to other printing on the label.

(b) Prominence. The point size and typeface of the proper name shall be at least as prominent as the point size and typeface used in designating the trademark and trade name. The contrast in color value between the proper name and the background shall be at least as great as the color value between the trademark and trade name and the background. Typography, layout, contrast, and other printing features shall not be used in a manner that will affect adversely the prominence of the proper name.

(c) Legible type. All items required to be on the container label and package label shall be in legible type. “Legible type” is type of a size and character which can be read with ease when held in a good light and with normal vision.