21 CFR § 720.6 - Amendments to statement.

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§ 720.6 Amendments to statement.

Changes in the information requested under §§ 720.4 (a)(3) and (a)(5) on the ingredients or brand name of a cosmetic product should be submitted by filing an amended Form FDA 2512 within 60 days after the product is entered into commercial distribution. Other changes do not justify immediate amendment, but should be shown by filing an amended Form FDA 2512 within a year after such changes. Notice of discontinuance of commercial distribution of a cosmetic product formulation should be submitted by Form FDA 2514 within 180 days after discontinuance of commercial distribution becomes known to the person filing.

[57 FR 3130, Jan. 28, 1992, as amended at 67 FR 9587, Mar. 4, 2002]