21 CFR § 878.4755 - Absorbable lung biopsy plug.

§ 878.4755 Absorbable lung biopsy plug.

(a) Identification. A preformed (polymerized) absorbable lung biopsy plug is intended to provide accuracy in marking a biopsy location for visualization during surgical resection and closure of pleural punctures associated with percutaneous, transthoracic needle lung biopsies. Upon deployment into the biopsy tract, the plug expands to fill the biopsy void and remains in place until resorbed.

(b) Classification. Class II (special controls). The special controls for this device are:

(1) The design characteristics of the device must ensure that the geometry and material composition are consistent with the intended use.

(2) Performance testing must demonstrate deployment as indicated in the accompanying labeling, including the indicated introducer needles, and demonstrate expansion and resorption characteristics in a clinically relevant environment.

(3) In vivo evaluation must demonstrate performance characteristics of the device, including the ability of the plug to not prematurely resorb or migrate and the rate of pneumothorax.

(4) Sterility testing must demonstrate the sterility of the device and the effects of the sterilization process on the physical characteristics of the plug.

(5) Shelf-life testing must demonstrate the shelf-life of the device including the physical characteristics of the plug.

(6) The device must be demonstrated to be biocompatible.

(7) Labeling must include a detailed summary of the device-related and procedure-related complications pertinent to the use of the device and appropriate warnings. Labeling must include identification of compatible introducer needles.

[79 FR 13219, Mar. 10, 2014]

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