22 CFR § 1101.10 - Accounting for disclosures.

§ 1101.10 Accounting for disclosures.

(a) Each system manager shall establish a system of accounting for all disclosures of records, either orally or in writing made outside the Section, unless otherwise exempted under this section. Accounting procedures may be established in the least expensive and most convenient form that will permit the PA Officer to advise individuals promptly upon request of the persons or agencies to which records concerning them have been disclosed. Accounting of disclosures made under 5 U.S.C. 552a(b)(7) relating to civil or criminal law enforcement activities shall not be made available to the individual named in the record.

(b) Accounting records, at a minimum, shall include the date, nature, and purpose of each disclosure of a record and the name and address of the person or agency to whom the disclosure was made. Accounting records shall be maintained for at least five years or the life of the record, whichever is longer.

(c) Accounting is not required to be kept for disclosure made within the Section or disclosures made pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.

(d) If an accounting of the disclosure was made, the PA Officer shall inform any person or other agency about any correction or notation of dispute made by the Section in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552a(d) of any record that has been disclosed to the person or agency.