22 CFR § 120.22 - Advisory opinions and related authorizations.

§ 120.22 Advisory opinions and related authorizations.

(a) Preliminary authorization determinations. A person may request information from the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) as to whether it would likely grant a license or other approval for a particular defense article or defense service to a particular country. Such information from DDTC is issued on a case-by-case basis and applies only to the particular matters presented to DDTC. These opinions are not binding on the Department of State and may not be used in future matters before the Department. A request for an advisory opinion must be made in writing and must outline in detail the equipment, its usage, the security classification (if any) of the articles or related technical data, and the country or countries involved.

(b) Related authorizations. DDTC may, as appropriate, in accordance with the procedures set forth in paragraph (a) of this section, provide export authorization, subject to all other relevant requirements of this subchapter, both for transactions that have been the subject of advisory opinions requested by prospective U.S. exporters, or for the Directorate's own initiatives. Such initiatives may cover pilot programs, or specifically anticipated circumstances for which the Directorate considers special authorizations appropriate.

(c) Interpretations of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations in this subchapter. Any person may request an interpretation of the requirements set forth in this subchapter in the form of an advisory opinion. A request for an advisory opinion must be made in writing. Any response to an advisory opinion provided by DDTC pursuant to this paragraph (c) shall not be an authorization to export and shall not bind the Department to grant or deny any such authorization.