22 CFR § 1427.3 - Content of request.

§ 1427.3 Content of request.

(a) A request for a general statement of policy or guidance shall be in writing and must contain:

(1) A concise statement of the question with respect to which a general statement of policy or guidance is requested together with background information necessary to an understanding of the question;

(2) A statement of the standards under § 1427.5 upon which the request is based;

(3) A full and detailed statement of the position or positions of the requesting party or parties

(4) Identification of any cases or other proceedings known to bear on the question which are pending under the Foreign Service Labor-Management Statute.

(5) Identification of other known interested parties.

(b) A copy of each document also shall be served on all known interested parties, including the General Counsel, the Panel, and the Assistant Secretary, where appropriate.