22 CFR § 16.3 - Access to records.

§ 16.3 Access to records.

(a) Grievance Board records. The grievant and the grievant's representative shall have access to the record of proceedings, including the decision of the Board.

(b) Agency records.

(1) In considering the validity of a grievance, the Grievance Board shall have access, to the extent permitted by law, to any agency record considered by the Board to be relevant to the grievant and the subject matter of the grievance.

(2) The agency shall, subject to applicable law, promptly furnish the grievant any agency record which the grievant requests to substantiate the grievance and which the agency or the Grievance Board determines is relevant and material to the proceeding. When deemed appropriate by the agency or the Board, a grievant may be supplied with only a summary of extract of classified material. If a request by a grievant for a document is denied prior to or during the agency's consideration of a grievance, such denial may be raised by the grievant as an integral part of the grievance before the Board.

(3) These regulations do not require disclosure of any official agency record to the Grievance Board or a grievant where the head of agency or deputy determines in writing that such disclosure whould adversely affect the foreign policy or national security of the United States.

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