22 CFR § 17.5 - Financial hardship.

§ 17.5 Financial hardship.

(a) Waiver of overpayment will not be allowed in any case prior to receipt and evaluation of a completed Statement of Financial Status, duly sworn by the recipient of the overpayment.

(b) Financial hardship may be deemed to exist in, but not limited to, those situations where the recipient from whom collection is sought needs substantially all of his or her current income and liquid assets to meet current ordinary and necessary living expenses and liabilities.

(1)Considerations. Some pertinent considerations in determining whether recovery would cause financial hardship are as follows:

(i) The individual's financial ability to pay at the time collection is scheduled to be made.

(ii) Income to other family member(s), if such member's ordinary and necessary living expenses are included in expenses reported by the individual.

(c)Exemptions. Assets exempt from execution under State law should not be considered in determining an individual's ability to repay the indebtedness, rather primary emphasis shall be placed upon the individual's liquid assets and current income in making such determinations.