22 CFR § 18.11 - Answer.

§ 18.11 Answer.

(a) Filing. The respondent's answer shall be filed in writing within the time specified in the complaint or notice of institution of the proceeding, unless on application the time is extended by the Director General. The answer shall be filed in duplicate with the Director General.

(b) Contents. The answer shall contain a statement of facts which constitute the grounds of defense, and it shall specifically admit or deny each allegation set forth in the complaint. The respondent may also state affirmatively special matters of defense.

(c) Failure to deny or answer allegations in the complaint. Every allegation in the complaint which is not denied in the answer shall be deemed to be admitted and may be considered as proved. Failure to file an answer within the time prescribed in the notice to the respondent, except as the time for answer is extended by the Director General shall constitute a waiver of hearing, and the Director General may make his/her decision by default without a hearing or further procedure.