22 CFR § 201.11 - Eligibility of commodities.

§ 201.11 Eligibility of commodities.

To qualify for USAID financing, a commodity procurement transaction shall satisfy the following requirements:

(a) Description and condition of the commodity. The commodity shall conform to the description in the implementing document. Unless otherwise authorized by USAID/W in writing, the commodity shall be unused, and may not have been disposed of as surplus by any governmental agency.

(b) Source. The authorized source for procurement shall be a country or countries authorized in the implementing document by name or by reference to a USAID geographic code. The source and origin of a commodity must be an authorized source country. The applicable rules on source, origin and nationality for commodities and commodity-related services are in subparts (B), (C), and (F) of part 228 of this chapter.

(c) Date of shipping documents. The documents required as evidence of shipment under § 201.52(a)(4) shall show that the date of shipment was within the shipping period, if any, specified in the implementing document.

(d) Medium of transportation. Shipment shall not be effected:

(1) By a transportation medium owned, operated or under the control of any country not included within USAID Geographic Code 935; or

(2) Under any ocean or air charter which has not received prior approval by USAID/W, Office of Procurement (Transportation Division).

(e) Marine insurance. In accordance with the provisions of § 228.23 of this chapter, USAID may require that any USAID-financed commodity shipped to the cooperating country shall be insured against marine risks and that such insurance shall be placed in the United States with a company or companies authorized to do marine insurance business in a State of the United States.

(f) Timely submission of documents. All documents required under § 201.52 to be submitted by a supplier in order to receive payment or reimbursement shall be submitted to USAID under direct letters of commitment or to a designated bank under bank letters of credit on or before the terminal date specified in the letter of commitment or letter of credit, respectively.

(g) U.S. Treasury Department regulations. Procurement transactions shall comply with the requirements of the U.S. Treasury Department Foreign Assets, Sanctions, Transactions and Funds Control Regulations published in 31 CFR parts 500 through 599, as from time to time amended.

(h) Commodities shipped out of a free port or bonded warehouse. No commodity shipped out of a free port or bonded warehouse is eligible for USAID financing if it was shipped to the free port or bonded warehouse without compliance with the requirements set forth in paragraph (d)(1) of this section, or if it was shipped from the free port or bonded warehouse without compliance with the requirements set forth in paragraphs (d) (1) and (2) of this section.

(i) Purchase price. The purchase price for the commodity shall satisfy the requirements of subpart G.

(j) Purchases from eligible suppliers. Commodities procured with funds made available under this part 201 shall be purchased from eligible suppliers. The rules on the nationality of suppliers of commodities are in section 228.14 of this chapter.

(k) Determination of commodity eligibility. The commodity shall be approved in writing by USAID for each purchase transaction as eligible for USAID financing. Such approval shall be indicated on the Application for Approval of Commodity Eligibility (Form AID 11) submitted to USAID by the supplier.

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