22 CFR § 201.44 - Vesting in USAID of title to commodities.

§ 201.44 Vesting in USAID of title to commodities.

(a) Vesting upon order of USAID USAID may direct that title to USAID-financed commodities in transit to a cooperating country shall be vested in USAID if, in the opinion of USAID, such action is necessary to assure compliance with the provisions or purposes of any act of Congress.

(1) Rights of USAID upon vesting of title. In accordance with instructions by USAID, the borrower/grantee, supplier, and bank shall transfer such negotiable bills of lading, suppliers' invoices, packing lists, inspection certificates or other designated documents relating to the commodities as are in, or may come into, their possession.

(2) Diversion of commodities. USAID may direct the master or operator of a vessel or an inland carrier carrying the commodities to divert them away from the port or other destination specified in the shipping documents and to deliver them at such other destination as USAID may designate.

(b) Financial responsibility of USAID under vesting order.

(1) USAID will reimburse a supplier who has not already received payment under the purchase contract for all commodities with respect to which USAID has taken title under a vesting order.

(2) USAID will assume the responsibility for any extra costs (including the costs of marine insurance and handling) which are incurred as a result of a diversion. Such costs shall not exceed diversion charges as per tariff (liner shipments) or contract of affreightment (charters), and shall include only those deviation insurance and extra handling costs which are actually incurred.

(3) USAID shall incur no liability to the borrower/grantee, the importer, or to the approved applicant by reason of any order which vests in USAID title to commodities, or by reason of any request for the diversion of commodities.