22 CFR § 201.75 - Termination or modification.

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§ 201.75 Termination or modification.

If USAID directs that the delivery of commodities be terminated, orders that title to commodities be vested in it, or modifies any implementing document concerning the disposition of documents, USAID shall give written notice thereof to the banks holding applicable letters of commitment and shall instruct each bank with regard to the disposition of documents. Each such bank shall be relieved of any liability whatsoever to the approved applicant for anything done or omitted to be done under instruction of USAID. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a bank shall comply with the instructions of USAID only to the extent that it may do so without impairing or affecting any irrevocable obligation to any person or organization except an approved applicant, and in the event the bank shall incur any costs, expenses, or liabilities, including any liability to the approved applicant, it shall be repaid and reimbursed by USAID in respect thereof.