22 CFR § 204.1 - Definitions.

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§ 204.1 Definitions.

Wherever used in these standard terms and conditions:

(a) A.I.D. means the United States Agency for International Development or its successor with respect to the housing guaranty authorities contained in title III, chapter 2 of part I of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended (the “Act”).

(b) Eligible Note(s) means (a) Note(s) meeting the eligiblity criteria set out in § 204.12 hereof.

(c) Eligible Investor means an “eligible investor” as defined in section 238(c) of the Act.

(d) Lender means an Eligible Investor who initially provides loan funds to the Borrower in exchange for Eligible Note(s).

(e) Investment respecting any Eligible Note means the principal amount of such Eligible Note.

(f) Assignee means the owner of an Eligible Note who is registered as an Assignee on the Note Register of Eligible Notes required to be maintained by the Paying Agent and who is an “Eligible Investor.”

(g) Outstanding Investment respecting any Eligible Note means the Investment less the net amount of any repayments of principal of the Investment made by or on behalf of the Borrower or A.I.D.

(h) Further Guaranteed Payments means the amount of any loss suffered by the Lender or by any Assignee by reason of the Borrower's failure to comply on a timely basis with any obligation it may have under an Eligible Note to indemnify and hold harmless the Lender and Assignee from taxes or governmental charges or any expense arising out of taxes or any other governmental charges relating to the Note in the country of the Borrower.

(i) Loss of Investment respecting any Eligible Note means an amount in Dollars equal to the total of the (1) Outstanding Investment determined as of the Date of Application, (2) Further Guaranteed Payments unpaid as of the Date of Application, and (3) interest accrued at the rate(s) specified in the Note(s) and unpaid on the Outstanding Investment and Further Guaranteed Payments to and including the date on which full payment thereof is made to the Lender or any Assignee.

(j) Application for Compensation means an executed application in the form of Exhibit A hereto which the Lender or any Assignee files with A.I.D. pursuant to § 204.21 of this part.

(k) Applicant means a Lender or Assignee who files an Application for Compensation with A.I.D.

(l) Date of Application means the effective date of an Application for Compensation filed with A.I.D. pursuant to § 204.21 of this part.

(m) Business Day means a date on which banks of the District of Columbia of the United States of America are open for business.

(n) Guaranty Payment Date means a Business Day not more than sixty (60) calendar days after the related Date of Application; provided that (1) compensation to the party filing the related Application for Compensation is due and payable on such date, in accordance with the terms of this Guaranty and (2) tender of assignment referred to in subsection 204.21(f) is made as therein provided.

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