22 CFR § 216.4 - Private applicants.

§ 216.4 Private applicants.

Programs, projects or activities for which financing from A.I.D. is sought by private applicants, such as PVOs and educational and research institutions, are subject to these procedures. Except as provided in § 216.2 (b), (c) or (d), preliminary proposals for financing submitted by private applicants shall be accompanied by an Initial Environmental Examination or adequate information to permit preparation of an Initial Environmental Examination. The Threshold Decision shall be made by the Mission Director for the country to which the proposal relates, if the preliminary proposal is submitted to the A.I.D. Mission, or shall be made by the officer in A.I.D. who approves the preliminary proposal. In either case, the concurrence of the Bureau Environmental Officer is required in the same manner as in § 216.3(a)(2), except for PVO projects approved in A.I.D. Missions with total life of project costs less than $500,000. Thereafter, the same procedures set forth in § 216.3 including as appropriate scoping and Environmental Assessments or Environmental Impact Statements, shall be applicable to programs, projects or activities submitted by private applicants. The final proposal submitted for financing shall be treated, for purposes of these procedures, as a Project Paper. The Bureau Environmental Officer shall advise private applicants of studies or other information foreseeably required for action by A.I.D.

[45 FR 70247, Oct. 23, 1980]