22 CFR § 216.8 - Public hearings.

§ 216.8 Public hearings.

(a) In most instances AID will be able to gain the benefit of public participation in the impact statement process through circulation of draft statements and notice of public availability in CEQ publications. However, in some cases the Administrator may wish to hold public hearings on draft Environmental Impact Statements. In deciding whether or not a public hearing is appropriate, Bureaus in conjunction with the Environmental Coordinator should consider:

(1) The magnitude of the proposal in terms of economic costs, the geographic area involved, and the uniqueness or size of commitment of the resources involved;

(2) The degree of interest in the proposal as evidenced by requests from the public and from Federal, state and local authorities, and private organizations and individuals, that a hearing be held;

(3) The complexity of the issue and likelihood that information will be presented at the hearing which will be of assistance to the Agency; and

(4) The extent to which public involvement already has been achieved through other means, such as earlier public hearings, meetings with citizen representatives, and/or written comments on the proposed action.

(b) If public hearings are held, draft Environmental Impact Statements to be discussed should be made available to the public at least fifteen (15) days prior to the time of the public hearings, and a notice will be placed in the Federal Register giving the subject, time and place of the proposed hearings.

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