22 CFR § 42.22 - Returning resident aliens.

§ 42.22 Returning resident aliens.

(a) Requirements for returning resident status. An alien shall be classifiable as a special immigrant under INA 101(a)(27)(A) if the consular officer is satisfied from the evidence presented that:

(1) The alien had the status of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence at the time of departure from the United States;

(2) The alien departed from the United States with the intention of returning and has not abandoned this intention; and

(3) The alien is returning to the United States from a temporary visit abroad and, if the stay abroad was protracted, this was caused by reasons beyond the alien's control and for which the alien was not responsible.

(b) Documentation needed. Unless the consular officer has reason to question the legality of the alien's previous admission for permanent residence or the alien's eligibility to receive an immigrant visa, only those records and documents required under INA 222(b) which relate to the period of residence in the United States and the period of the temporary visit abroad shall be required. If any required record or document is unobtainable, the provisions of § 42.65(d) shall apply.

(c) Returning resident alien originally admitted under the Act of December 28, 1945. An alien admitted into the United States under Section 1 of the Act of December 28, 1945 (“GI Brides Act”) shall not be refused an immigrant visa after a temporary absence abroad solely because of a mental or physical defect or defects that existed at the time of the original admission.

[56 FR 49676, Oct. 1, 1991, as amended at 63 FR 48578, Sept. 11, 1998]