22 CFR § 42.51 - Department control of numerical limitations.

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§ 42.51 Department control of numerical limitations.

(a) Centralized control. Centralized control of the numerical limitations on immigration specified in INA 201, 202, and 203 is established in the Department. The Department shall limit the number of immigrant visas that may be issued and the number of adjustments of status that may be granted to aliens subject to these numerical limitations to a number:

(1) Not to exceed 27 percent of the world-wide total made available under INA 203 (a), (b) and (c) in any of the first three quarters of any fiscal year; and

(2) Not to exceed, in any month of a fiscal year, 10% of the world-wide total made available under INA 203 (a), (b) and (c) plus any balance remaining from authorizations for preceding months in the same fiscal year.

(b) Allocation of numbers. Within the foregoing limitations, the Department shall allocate immigrant visa numbers for use in connection with the issuance of immigrant visas and adjustments based on the chronological order of the priority dates of visa applicants classified under INA 203 (a) and (b) reported by consular officers pursuant to § 42.55(b) and of applicants for adjustment of status as reported by officers of the DHS, taking into account the requirements of INA 202(e) in such allocations. In the case of applicants under INA 203(c), visa numbers shall be allocated within the limitation for each specified geographical region in the random order determined in accordance with sec. 42.33(c) of this part.

(c) Recaptured visa numbers. An immigrant visa number shall be returned to the Department for reallocation within the fiscal year in which the visa was issued when:

(1) An immigrant having an immigrant visa is excluded from the United States and deported;

(2) An immigrant does not apply for admission to the United States before the expiration of the validity of the visa;

(3) An alien having a preference immigrant visa is found not to be a preference immigrant; or

(4) An immigrant visa is revoked pursuant to § 42.82.

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