22 CFR § 42.62 - Personal appearance and interview of applicant.

§ 42.62 Personal appearance and interview of applicant.

(a) Personal appearance of applicant before consular officer. Every alien applying for an immigrant visa, including an alien whose application is executed by another person pursuant to § 42.63(a)(2), shall be required to appear personally before a consular officer for the execution of the application or, if in Taiwan, before a designated officer of the American Institute in Taiwan, except that the personal appearance of any child under the age of 14 may be waived at the officer's discretion.

(b) Interview by consular officer. Every alien executing an immigrant visa application must be interviewed by a consular officer who shall determine on the basis of the applicant's representations and the visa application and other relevant ducumentation -

(1) The proper immigrant classification, if any, of the visa applicant, and

(2) The applicant's eligibility to receive a visa.

The officer has the authority to require that the alien answer any question deemed material to these determinations.
[52 FR 42613, Nov. 5, 1987, as amended at 56 FR 49682, Oct. 1, 1991]