22 CFR § 505.14 - Specific exemptions (Subsection (k)).

§ 505.14 Specific exemptions (Subsection (k)).

The specific exemptions focus more on the nature of the records in the system of records than on the agency. The following categories of records may be exempt from disclosure:

(a) Subsection (k)(1). Records which are specifically authorized under criteria established under an Executive Order to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign policy, and which are in fact properly classified according to such Executive Order;

(b) Subsection (k)(2). Investigatory records compiled for law enforcement purposes (other than material within the scope of subsection (j)(2) as discussed in § 505.13(a)). If any individual is denied any right, privilege, or benefit for which she/he would otherwise be eligible, as a result of the maintenance of such material, the material shall be provided to the individual, unless disclosure of the material would reveal the identity of a source who has been pledged confidentiality;

(c) Subsection (k)(3). Records maintained in connection with protection of the President and other VIPs accorded special protection by statute;

(d) Subsection (k)(4). Records required by statute to be maintained and used solely as statistical records.

(e) Subsection (k)(5). Records compiled solely for the purpose of determining suitability, eligibility, or qualifications for Federal civilian employment, military service, Federal contracts, or access to classified information, but only if disclosure of the material would reveal the identity of a confidential source that furnished information to the Government.

(f) Subsection (k)(6). Testing or examination records used solely to determine individual qualifications for appointment or promotion in the Federal service when the disclosure of such would compromise the objectivity or fairness of the testing or examination process.

(g) Subsection (k)(7). Evaluation records used to determine potential for promotion in the armed services, but only if disclosure would reveal the identity of a confidential source.