22 CFR § 505.9 - Review of adverse agency determination.

§ 505.9 Review of adverse agency determination.

(a) When we determine to deny a request to amend a record, or portion of the record, you may request further review by the Agency's Access Appeal Committee. The written request for review should be mailed to the Chairperson, Access Appeal Committee, FOIA/Privacy Act Office, Office of the General Counsel, Broadcasting Board of Governors, Suite 3349, 330 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20237. The letter should include any documentation, information or statement, which substantiates your request for review.

(b) The Agency's Access Appeal Committee will review the Agency's initial denial to amend the record and your documentation supporting amendment, within 30 working days. If additional time is required, you will be notified in writing of the reasons for the delay and the approximate date when the review is expected to be completed. Upon completion of the review, the Chairperson will notify you of the results.

(c) If the Committee upholds the Agency's denial to amend the record, the Chairperson will advise you of:

(1) The reasons for our refusal to amend the record;

(2) Your right and the procedure to add to the file a concise statement supporting your disagreement with the decision of the Agency; and

(3) Your right to seek judicial review of the Agency's refusal to amend the file.

(d) When you file a statement disagreeing with our refusal to amend a record, we will clearly annotate the record so that the fact that the record is disputed is apparent to anyone who may subsequently have access to, use of, or reason to disclose the file. If information is disclosed regarding the area of dispute, we will provide a copy of your statement in the disclosure. Any statement, which may be included by the Agency regarding the dispute, will be limited to the reasons given to you for not amending the record. Copies of our statement shall be treated as part of your record, but will not be subject to amendment by you under these regulations.