22 CFR § 51.56 - Expedited passport processing.

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§ 51.56 Expedited passport processing.

(a) Within the United States, an applicant for passport service (including issuance or replacement of a passport) may request expedited processing. The Department may decline the request.

(b) Expedited passport processing shall mean completing processing within the number of business days published on the Department's Web site, http://www.travel.state.gov, commencing when the application reaches a Passport Agency or, if the application is already with a Passport Agency, commencing when the request for expedited processing is approved. The processing will be considered completed when the passport is ready to be picked up by the applicant or is mailed to the applicant, or a letter of passport denial is transmitted to the applicant.

(c) A fee is charged for expedited passport processing (see 22 CFR 51.51(c)). The fee does not cover any costs of mailing above the normal level of service regularly provided by the Department. The cost of expedited mailing must be paid by the applicant.

(d) The Department will not charge the fee for expedited passport processing if the Department's error, mistake or delay caused the need for expedited processing.

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