22 CFR § 63.9 - General provisions.

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§ 63.9 General provisions.

The following provisions shall apply to the foregoing regulations:

(a) Health and accident insurance. Payment for the costs of health and accident insurance for United States and foreign participants while such participants are enroute or absent from their homes for purposes of participation in the program when authorized by the Agency.

(b) Transportation of remains. Payments for the actual expenses of preparing and transporting to their former homes the remains of persons not United States Government employees, who may die away from their homes while participating in the program are authorized.

(c) Maxima not controlling. Payments and allowances may be made at the rate or in the amount provided in the regulations in this part unless an individual grant or travel order specifies that less than the maximum will be allowed under any part of the regulation in this part. In such case, the grant or travel order will control.

(d) Individual authorization. Where the regulations in this part provide for compensation, allowance, or other payment, no payment shall be made therefor unless a definite amount or basis of payment is authorized in the individual case, or is approved as provided in paragraph (f) of this section.

(e) Computation of per diem and allowance. In computing per diem and allowance payable while on a duty assignment, except for travel performed under the Federal Travel Regulations, fractional days shall be counted as full days, the status at the end of the calendar day determining the status for the entire day.

(f) Subsequent approval. Whenever without prior authority expense has been incurred by a participant, or an individual has commenced his or her participation in the program as contemplated by the regulations in this part, the voucher for payments in connection therewith may be approved by an official designated for this purpose, such approval constituting the authority for such participation or the incurring of such expense.

(g) Additional authorization. Any emergency, unusual or additional payment deemed necessary under the program if allowable under existing authority, may be authorized whether or not specifically provided for by this part.

(h) Biweekly payment. Unless otherwise specified in the grant, all compensation and allowance for United States participants shall be payable biweekly and shall be computed as follows: An annual rate shall be derived by multiplying a monthly rate by 12; a biweekly rate shall be derived by dividing an annual rate by 26; and a calendar day rate shall be derived by dividing an annual rate by 364. If any maximum compensation or allowance authorized by these regulations or by the terms of any grant is exceeded by this method of computation and payment, such excess payment is hereby authorized. This paragraph may apply to payments made to participants from funds administrered as provided in § 515.2(a) and (b) in the discretion of the department, agency, independent establishment, institution, facility, or organization concerned.

(i) Payments. Payments of benefits authorized under any part of the regulations in this part may be made either by the Department of State or by such department, agency, institution, or facility as may be designated by the Agency.

(j) Duration. The duration of the grant shall be specified in each case.

(k) Cancellation. If a recipient of a grant under this program fails to maintain a satisfactory record or demonstrates unsuitability for furthering the purposes of the program as stated in § 515.1(a), his or her grant shall, in the discretion of the Secretary of State of the Department of State or such officer as he or she may designate, be subject to cancellation.

(l) Outstanding grant authorization. Grants and other authorizations which are outstanding and in effect on the date the present regulations become effective, and which do not conform to this part, shall nevertheless remain in effect and be governed by the regulations under which they were originally issued, unless such grants or other authorizations are specifically amended and made subject to the present regulations in which case the individual concerned will be notified.