22 CFR § 713.4 - What must my written request contain?

§ 713.4 What must my written request contain?

Your written request for records or testimony must include:

(a) The caption of the legal proceeding, docket number, and name of the court or other authority involved.

(b) A copy of the complaint or equivalent document setting forth the assertions in the case and any other pleading or document necessary to show relevance.

(c) A list of categories of records sought, a detailed description of how the information sought is relevant to the issues in the legal proceeding, and a specific description of the substance of the testimony or records sought.

(d) A statement as to how the need for the information outweighs the need to maintain the confidentiality of the information and outweighs the burden on DFC to produce the records or provide testimony.

(e) A statement indicating that the information sought is not available from another source, such as the requestor's own books and records, other persons or entities, or the testimony of someone other than an DFC employee, such as retained experts.

(f) A description of all prior decisions, orders, or pending motions in the case that bear upon the relevance of the records or testimony you want.

(g) The name, address, and telephone number of counsel to each party in the case.

(h) An estimate of the amount of time you anticipate that you and other parties will need with each DFC employee for interviews, depositions, and/or testimony.