22 CFR § 9.7 - Identification and marking.

§ 9.7 Identification and marking.

(a) Classified information shall be marked pursuant to the standards set forth in section 1.6 of the Executive Order, 32 CFR part 2001, subpart C, and internal Department guidance in 5 Foreign Affairs Manual.

(b) Foreign government information shall retain its original classification markings or be marked and classified at a U.S. classification level that provides a degree of protection at least equivalent to that required by the entity that furnished the information. Foreign government information retaining its original classification markings need not be assigned a U.S. classification marking provided the responsible agency determines that the foreign government markings are adequate to meet the purposes served by U.S. classification markings.

(c) Information assigned a level of classification under predecessor executive orders shall be considered as classified at that level of classification despite the omission of other required markings.

(d) Prior to public release, all declassified records shall be appropriately marked to reflect their declassification.