22 CFR § 92.63 - Arrangement of papers.

§ 92.63 Arrangement of papers.

Unless special instructions to the contrary are received, the various papers comprising the completed record of the depositions should usually be arranged in the following order from bottom to top:

(a) Commission to take depositions (or notice of taking depositions), with interrogatories, exhibits, and other supporting documents fastened thereto.

(b) Statement of fees charged, if one is prepared on a separate sheet.

(c) Record of the responses of the various witnesses, including any exhibits the witnesses may submit.

(d) Closing certificate.

All of these papers should be fastened together with ribbon, the ends of which should be secured beneath the notarizing officer's seal affixed to the closing certificate.
[22 FR 10858, Dec. 27, 1957, as amended at 60 FR 51723, Oct. 3, 1995]